Lyrics to In The Light Of Dying Summer
In The Light Of Dying Summer Video:
Circle slowly in the light of dying summer
Its warmth doesna?Tt reach you...hanged.

Dream-tears fall frozen in the shadows
Yet, dreamless are now your eyes...dim.

Gone the memory this world left on your face
Gently playful light through the leaves
Feels its way...kissing cold lips.

Wind through your hair, still like then
The thought of death...unreal and afar
Still you are...empty of thought and life.

Trees spread their arms above you, singing
With voices cold and ancient
Motionless like you...and they mourn.

Dreams fall frozen dead, lost their hope
Painless are now your eyes, soon my life...dim.

Fall slowly in the dying light of summer
My arms cana?Tt reach for dead.
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