In The Jailhouse Now Lyrics

Gene Autry

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Lyrics to In The Jailhouse Now
In The Jailhouse Now Video:
I had a friend named Campbell Used to rob, steal, and gamble He tried ev'rything that was lowdown He was out Tom catting one night When he started a big fight And a big policemen came and knocked him down He's in the jailhouse now I told him over again to quit drinkin' whiskey Lay off of that gin He's in the Jailhouse now Campbell broke jail one day Decided he'd go away But the police met him after a train The cup says: I've come for you Campbell says that this won't do Because Campbell never was my name He's in the jailhouse now Yes, people come all over town That he walked about He's in the jailhouse now I met his old gal Sadie She said: Have you seen my baby? I told her he was downtown in the camp She went down to the jail just to go his bail She said: I've come down here to get my man She's in the jailhouse now So you can understand Why old kids say this in the camp She's in the jailhouse now

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