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Lyrics to In The Hearts Of Men
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In the hearts of men, in the arms of mothers, and the parts they play to convince others. We know what we're doing. We're doing it right. Reading books on the subject but then you may still be surprised by your tone over the phone to your sister while waiting in line at the shopping-mart just outside of town.

In the hands of teachers, in the books you read, the things you say when we've lost the lead. I still try to speak up but my voice won't make a sound and I thought it all over too many times. Well there is no use and the lights are all out. I just give it up and I walk home past the shopping mall that's just closing down.

La, da, da, da...

We tell yourself you are must be what you'll be. Who's to say who is who and what is what if you simply don't agree? Now, time will come to claim you and it will have its way. Don't make no mistakes, and don't regret, don't waste the time that is left in the knew it all with a goddamn smile.

La, la, la...

In the hearts of men
In the arms of mothers
And the parts we play
To convince others

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