In The Belly Of A Whale Lyrics

Danny Michel

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Lyrics to In The Belly Of A Whale
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I built for you a satellite
Strung with the finest thread
A crown for your pretty head
Two tons of string run out mid flight
Rope burn all blister blue
I lost my grip and I lost you

In the belly of a whale
My broken hull and tattered sail
The salt and coral baby blue
It took the place of me and you
But now I'm married to the sea
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
I don't think about the coast
I don't think about my home

While all the world selpt through the nigh
I crept down to the shores
Untied awoke the oars

I'll drift away into the night
Some say you'll see my gosh
down in the waves along the coast


Oh molars crush me gently
sweep me off your falls
What a sorrow feeling
what a perfect sound


I don't think about the filth
I don't think about the war
I don't think about the greed
and I don't care about the score

Well I hope they never ever come
I hope we're never ever found
Alone in the dark
we'll never make a sound

'Cause I'll be sitting on your teeth
And I'll be drinking from your tongue
I fell asleep in your ribs
And I'm breathing through your lungs
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