In Praise Of Lilith Lyrics

Intertitus Dei


Lyrics to In Praise Of Lilith
[music and lyrics: Boeru]

The deeper I fall,
The higher I fly.
I am the wing of fear,
The incarnation of night.
My rebellion forced God
To see his dark side.
Creation and Creator
Will always collide.

Fruits of anger!

By the force of darkness
You dared to stand tall,
You refused to obey,
Never did you crawl.
With your eyes like blood,
Your wings wide spread,
You denied your father,
Refuse to bow your head.

Nadaria Salomia Cadar Zlie Feti Tia.

Eager to be lost in the night,
Unborn children came into sight.
In a ritual deicide,
They spill the blood of a mourning bride.
So, in praise of Lilith, they dance all the night,
In praise of Lilith they will swallow the light.
A black moon appears to murder the day,
Shining dark, it scares the Sun away.

Banished from Eden,
Deep in the sea,
Hand in hand with monsters,
She spends the eternity.
Take care what you wish for
'Cause it might come true!
So, never call her name.
She might come to you.

In the darkest nights
I spread my wings,
I'm the mistress of shadows,
The priestess of sins.
I fly through your dreams,
I own your soul,
I'm the undead queen,
The eternal ghoul.
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