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Dr Hook

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Lyrics to In Over My Head
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I park on a side street Slide up the back stairs Knock on the door and whisper "It´s me" Step into the darkness She waits in the shadows- Oh she´s so wild,willing and free I must be crazy comin´up here again She´s got me comin´and goin´eatin´out of her hand I should be far,far away But i´m layin´in bed instead And I´m in In over my head In over my head Yes,I´m in In over my head In over my head I´ve never tasted lips any hotter And I´m gettin´deeper with every kiss I can´t help it,I want it,I love how she loves it I´ve got to keep comni´for more of this. I must be crazy.........

Songwriters: Tyler, Dan / Stevens, Even / Rabbitt, Eddie T
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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