Lyrics to In Odium Veritas
In Odium Veritas Video:
[Music: I. Hate, Lyrics: Totalscorn]

We ride the cyclone of ages, me and my ravenous breed
Forlorn shalt be our fathers when we have reaped our seed
Captured the truth in nothing, denied the moral of man
Turned to the meaningless purity, where hatred is void we stand

Denied, put down by billions, still it is fulfilled
These visions rule humanity, denial giving nil
The final solutions' virtue, the final gift to all
Behold the complete genocide, undiscriminating and cold
Scorn, revered nihilistic covenant, guide us to our reign
Malice, fulfilled fascism, kill in every god's name
Hidden among thee, we hunt the debris of man
And we behold with pleasure, thy sacred pillars turn to sand

Our dominions infested, with light and its pestilent breed
Though cleansed shalt be this empire, freedom of loneliness achieved
Cardinal hatred, I am thine, cradle of atrocities, thou art mine
Blessed with eternal nothingness, the void is my guide and sign

In odium veritas, the circle of wisdom complete
Veritas odium parit, and it grows still
Beyond even those of darkness, where nothing rules or thrill
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