In My Mother's House Lyrics

Kate Campbell

Sing Me Out

Lyrics to In My Mother's House
In My Mother's House Video:
Photographs and old forty-fives
Stowed beneath a homecoming gown
Pictures of me at sweet sixteen
But everything's not as it seems
In my mother's house

When I go home for holidays
There's so much to talk about
And sometimes we disagree
On politics and theology
In my mother's house

The chimes in the hall sound every hour
The sun and moon go 'round
Time flies by and fades like the flower
And I can't slow it down

I spend my days with music and words
Playing these songs from town to town
And everyone sees what they want to see
But I'm just the girl who used to sing
In my mother's house

I am a prodigal daughter
But in my wandering I have found
There is a wideness in mercy
And there'll always be a place for me
In my mother's house
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