Lyrics to In My Dreams
In My Dreams Video:
I haven't seen you for quite a whileI didn't hear your voice talk to meLike you used to doI haven't felt your touch for a whileI'll be thereIf you believe in me and youAnd if this wall between usShould crumble and fallTake me as I amCause I can't wait no more; can't take it no moreI'm lost; can't find my wayAnd still my dreams are the sameYou stand beside me againYou take my hand and we walk togetherTonight I will whisper your nameIn my dreams again and againI wake up to the morning lightI turn around to seeThe one who used to lie thereThe one who used to hold me like a babyThe one who used to careI've tried to live this life alonewithout you by my sideI have tried in vainTried in vain(Chorus)

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