Lyrics to In Motion
In Motion Video:
I'm eating rappers like piranhas in that amazon
I wake up, eat, sleep with my hammer on
The streets love me I be on my image
Foreign brauds, foreign cars and the windows tinted
Got h on the sneaker, I'm fly everyday like everydays easter
With a bad senorita
Holdin a ruger, bumpin amudulla
Smoked out lexus, boxed with antudas
A mean redbone with a mean pussy print
Lonely nights I wonder where that pussy went
But I ain't pussy whipped, marine blue whip
30 shot clip if these fuck boys try to trip
And fuck the pigs nigga I hate cops
The bugged my man routine traffic stop
Rats bitin on new borns in new orleans
In the belly of the beast boy chasing dreams
Jesus piece filled with that ice liquor
I could bag a brick with a plastic knife nigga
I could book a key blindfolded
The hermeez sweater say a woman hand sewed it
I'm a baller, like shaq's size
4-10 I'l leave a bitch nigga baptized
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