In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I) Lyrics


Roses By Chaos Spawned

Lyrics to In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I) Video:
The heavy mist.
Keen joys of solitude.
Shrouded and imprisoned.
Chained down by my will.

The flood of human tears.
A sea of weeping.
A piece of the future.
The resurrection of natural life.

One weep in sympathy.
Whisper softly.
A paradise regained.
A new dawn rises.

The splendour of nature and art.
In the land of the infidel.
A whole world of treasures.
Prosperity bursting from the soil.

The infinite explosion of new life.
One morning of spring.
The soul of life and its delights.
My desires now fulfilled.
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