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Lyrics to In Love With Bobby A
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he goes to take his pills at eight thirty
no-one knows that they are all for me
they sit and wander why he's so chirpy
and they don't have a clue how high i'm gonna be
they say that ritolin is meant to calm him
they don't know why he's so fucking crazy
they say a few more pills ain't gonna harm him
that's pretty cool there's loads more drugs for me
Bobby A gives me drugs so that i will be his friend
and we sit and talk for hours
i say i'll give him lots of hugs if he brings me some again
sitting talking with the flowers
the nurse found out once that he didn't take it
she lectured him with just another rule
the first thing he did was go out and break it
yet again i was fucked all morning school
we ran and hit each other hours on end
our relationship's no longer formal
he's my only real friend
we're both fucked up but for him it's normal
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