Lyrics to In July
In July Video:
We go city to city
The sun sets over Copenhagen
On a bus ride through heaven
Maybe we'll get in by eleven

Take a sip of inspiration
Trigger my imagination
Turn over the pages in my hand
I just wanna be in a great band

I'm waiting for July
Were we just passing by?
I'll see you in July

We go country to country
Moon rise over Barcelona
My best friends surround me
I can see how this life can own you

The lines on the road can mesmerize
Patterns go shooting under
I can hear a lullaby
Through the rain and thunder

I'm waiting for July
Will we be out of time?
I'll see you in July

Maybe we can live by the ocean
Need to quiet down the commotion
Time has stopped ticking by
Maybe it's already July

I'm waiting for July
Were we just passing by
I'll see you July
Are we out of time?
I'm waiting for July
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