Lyrics to In Her Top 8
In Her Top 8 Video:
(chorus) - BIG J SOUTH

On myspace late night hittin the keys
Browsing around and then what do I see
My face on shawtys on top 8, I cant believe
That it's really me man (its really me?)
Now this girl's damn fine
And I wanna make her mine
So I sit back, type a little message to find out
If she's dating anyone, that I should know about
Cause I need to know so I can make my move
Before my face on her top 8 gets removed
And I wanna show this girl that I can prove
That I'm the man she wants cuz I got the groove
So in message that I started writing her
I got a brain freeze,
And I can't think of any words
I know that if I said ?hey baby I can make you purr?
I'd get smacked in the face and she'd be gone for sure


I don't wanna be sleazy, cuz I know she aint easy
But if I play my cards right I'm sure she'll be pleasing
So I try to be appeasing in this message she'll be reading
I say ?hey girl, (hey girl) it's been a long time
Since I seen you last I hope your summer's goin fine
Hows that boyfriend of yours? I hope it's goin alright.
I mean you got one right? theres no way your single
If you are, then call me sometime, and we'll mingle?
I think that last line has the kind of jingle
The freshness like a new can of Pringles
Now a week's gone by, and still no reply
Still no call, and I'm wondering why
So I'm just sitting around, then I hear something
The phone starts to ring, I wanna start jumping
I check the caller ID, her name's what I see
I pick up the phone she says hey baby
I see you missed me, I missed you too
Come over to my place if you got nothing to do

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