Lyrics to In God's Eyes
In God's Eyes Video:
On this night of Beltain Eve,
In a clearing, surrounded by trees.

(Solo - Martin)

The Hare Moon glows from behind a cloud,
Like my body, covered with a white shroud.
Man to woman, woman to man,
In a circle my coven mates stand.
This ritual, this night, in Otherworld light.
The divine marriage that is called the Great Rite.
All clothed in the cool night mist.
My Lord blesses me with a Five-fold kiss.

Lay down skyclad in front of the altar.
Let me kiss your lips of holy wine.
Tonight we shall embody the divine,
For all acts of love and passion are sacred in Gods' Eyes

On by back, I lay on the sand,
With my body for a pentagram.

(Solo - Martin)

With our energies reaching their peak,
My Lord kneels down between my feet.
Invocation begins, the chalice beside me.
In the air the sounds of all that is free.
With reverence, perfect love and perfect trust,
Off into the night, our coven mates leave us.

Alter of mysteries manifold
The sacred circle's secret point.
Thus do he assign to me as of old,
With kisses on his lips anoint.

Tonight the candles burn for us my love.

Let's make love in the moonlight.
Let us make love, let us make love, let us make love
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