In Frozen Exile (The Sea Of Ice) Lyrics

Dead Of Winter

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Lyrics to In Frozen Exile (The Sea Of Ice)
In Frozen Exile (The Sea Of Ice) Video:
Aurora borealis flickers on the horizon
The only illumination in this desolate frost land
The howling winds cry out to me
As my frozen soul longs for the ancient ways

Hail to the majestic arctic wilderness
Hail to the sunless kingdom of night
My heart is forever encrusted in frost
Upon the Sea of Ice

Now a shade of black deeper than the night's shadow
Has risen up to obscure the stars
But two points of light still flicker from beyond
The eyes of Father Wolf as he lopes across the snow

The sliver of the moon is sharp enough
To flay the flesh from my soul
Her shimmering face peers down from her crystal throne
And in this frozen exile I remain, alone..
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