Lyrics to In contempt of me
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In Contempt of Me (M. McDonald)

Don't talk so desperate baby, don't start to cry

I know that sound so well and it's terrifying

And it echoes in my mind

You don't disturb me baby don't think you do

Although sometimes I may not show it but I've met

A lot of other guys like you


You don't know what I'm like inside

I'm sure there's some better business for you to mind

I'd be delighted baby to let it lie

It's too redundant to be believed and it gets more stupid

Each and every time

And don't get excited baby this ain't hardcore

About a hundred thousand times in your own words

I'm nothing but a bore


Don't talk pathetic baby don't talk at all

It's not like I really care and I don't notice

The telephone at all

Live how you want to baby go ahead and die

You've been buried a lot already and it happens

Every time you lie

And now we're at the breakdown of the cost

Maybe on paper I'm the one who lost

You don't have time to be in contempt of me
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