Lyrics to In Between
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I heard you talk last night
Couldn't even speak a word
Love has got me by the tongue
It's nothing you haven't heard

In between what's true and false
In between what's loud and soft

I asked you about the past
You didn't want to talk about it
You didn't want to trouble me
It's just old history
She's got too much imagination
She's the queen of variation
Try so hard to make you forget
See yourself in the TV set

And I remember when my parents met
It was years before my birth
And I can see them years from now
Their ghosts fly above the earth
And let's not talk about what makes us die
Let the jokes make the years go by
Cause it's a burden it's hard to bear
It's too easy to not even care

Baby baby, you look so sweet
Pick me up right off my feet
And we'll go down to the world of dreams
It's so hard but that just how it's seems
There's a mask upon the wall
In between the window and the hall
In between all things ever done
What's ahead and where you come from

If you could would you fly away?
Stick around for another day
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