Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals Lyrics

Venom Prison


Lyrics to Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals
Judge, jury, trial and error
Under the cloak of privilege
Corruption sets the sentence

Avenged by decency
Lies upon lies, carefully planted
The survivor devalued, damaged and broken
Corruption, your system is failing
Traumatised, the silence of justice is deafening
Anxiety, overcoming with a feeling of impuissance
Isolation, healing process denied by societal norm interference

Shamelessness in the delight of suffering
Your justice is blind, mindless and heartless
In a courtroom where money can buy freedom
The offender runs free
After all, “20 minutes of action”
Is not worth the dignity of the victim
Failed by judiciary, rights non-existent
Retribution, severe disappointment feeding hostility
Justice deserved

Implementing the metaphysics of morals
Impaled by the sword of power
Your blood is gracefully dripping
Onto the face of Justice
While she raises her arm in victory
You finally get what you deserve
Suppression, fragments of memory triggered by the enemy
Justice served
Poignant grief provokes aggression
Inspired by a brutalised instinct of survival
No mercy granted for those who don't feel compassion
Overpowering thoughts, homicidal
Assassination. This is the end of ignorance
Judgement day, bearing the fruit of consequence
Traumatised, anxiety, isolation
Retribution, corruption, suppression
Implementing the metaphysics of morals
Assassination, this is the end of ignorance
Judgement day
Bearing the fruit of consequence

Ritual torment to the guilty
Blood must flow
For the scars remaining on her soul
Inflicted by ignorance
Testicles weighed on the scales of justice
Irrelevance, electro-mechanically coupled with abhorrent decadence
The apparatus of intimidation disarmed
A glimpse of death, all power in her hands
Whipped in torment, see the end of heaven and the rise of hell
Suffering perpetual damnation, pathetic existence
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