Lyrics to Imperial
Imperial Video:

[Verse 1: Dally Auston]
A quarter to my name
What's the day like
Senses is moving in pictures
Capturing moments of vivid incidents
Hearing that the world gon' blow
They tell me that the world don't know
I'm smelling something loud in this smoke
You can't stop this
No medical this feeling is impeccable
Got me feeling like a young king with no pedestal
I raise the bar for myself and my niggas only
This ones for my nigga Rodney
May we forever lust for yo spirit
Tryna get high enough to exhibit
Shit was a giving & now we piffin'
Lord forgive 'em, know we all just can't be Pippen
Throw your hands in the air
For yo land If you care
Because of Jordan I know I can fly if I just spread my wings
And it seems that I'm gone
Change the leaves when I'm gone
Seasons change when they fall
This fluid is just Nike so just do it
And I'm seeing that it's colder than its ever been
Tripping the corner store
Grab a swisher gotta blow
Falling off the pinnacle
Pyramids in my mental
Chasing after riches Illuminati be snitching
'Cuz I know too much
If you can't beat 'em then join 'em
Lose a life in the morning
I'm moving you niggas lame
Imperial saving change
My niggas is cooler than ice bergs
Can I borrow a dollar
I'm chasing after tomorrow
Got 99 of them problems but a bitch ain't one
Hit me

[Hook: Jean Deaux]
Between life and death my dreams won
If you ask for wars I bring them
I'm just searching for my kingdom
I'm jus searching for ....

[2nd Verse: Vic Mensa]
Pages from off the wall I'm the forgotten chapter
Chapped lips on the mouth of the fallen soldier
Hear the cackled laughter from a the casket
Cap gun with my lights on
A snap from my Nikon
Send a kite home for the niggas who spend nights gone
I wake up early morning
Thank god I got The freedom
Some of my niggas don't tell me it's
Hell and I believe them
Live a lesson learning
Adolescent yearning
This is Athens burning
Greek coliseums at my feet I see the worlds still turning
Turned into something I'm not I think I'm a different person
Personally I'm still searching
Searching to find what Kurt did
Hope I don't blow my brains out
6 ft deep with my facedown I hope I find my angel
My pen my pain my PayPal
That paint my perfect picture
Profit we probably put more into paid than paid will get you
Get your income get ready for the end come
A Lion and a legend in my kingdom
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