Lyrics to Imperfection Of Truth
Imperfection Of Truth Video:
Lost inside, against a war that will never end
things that seem to be right now turned
feeling so empty but there is no cure
masks can' t hide myself anymore

There will be something new?
after sorrows and other lies
I' m fed up with this shit
blood will flow out of my veins
Stop!! Shut!!
Fuck!! You shout..

I' m burning in the truth now
But what can I say? (what can I say?)
Tomorrow is next to me
He' s fading in his room though
But what can I say? (what can I say?)
Why he showed his plan?!
"I know what you did last night man.."
(what can I say?)
You're playing with us,
you're are stabbing my lungs
(what can I say?)

I may not listen to your bullshits (nobody wants to lose you)
You cry, but only to have my fake hugs
So I say: "Come on swallow your poison!"
Hey dear! You won' t see me die for..

Hey you..
Want me to..
Forget this! Everything..
will be allright!
Useless truth!
Useless tears! (Lies!)
Not feel
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