Lyrics to Immortal Combat
Immortal Combat Video:
(feat. Sam Rucker)

the Saints
versus the evil

[Israel the Warrior]
see my enemies wanna flex
so I gots to bring the sanctified flava to ya chest, to yo vest
bring it on if you feel you can weather the storm
of the Holy Ghost, immortal combat, its goin on, son
I'm flyer than a falcon, I'm stronger than a stallion
I annhialate crews, batoons, and batallions
satan watch ya tinky bon, test me one time (??)
I ain't scared to go to battle on the dirty front line
know the deal, I be Israel, victorious, the Warroior
bringin the Word of God to projects and jail courriors (word)
it don't stop, it won't stop, son, through out the break a dawn
six in the morn, spiritual bombs drop like Viadom (??)
my weapons of warfare, chump, they be invisible
spiritual, mighty, unto the pullin down of strongholds
do or die, I brings flava for Jehovah Jah
you couldnt see these sanctified vocals, pushin bifocals
try to shut me down black, uh, I break you down
wit the Annointin of the Holy Ghost from high above ground
you can't see me, see I be, the one that can do all things
through Jesus Christ the King of Kings
He strengthens me, yo word is bond, you best to call ya soldiers back
abort attack, in the Name of Christ this be immortal combat

so what you gone do son, immortal combat
its comin through dun, and I'm on break you down one time
wit techniques, that be rough enough to bump in ya jeeps
and ain't no pump-_ sinners bump my tape in they trunk
so what the deal dun, immortal combat, it be for real son
still son, I'm on break you down one time
wit techniques, that be rough enough to bump in your jeeps
and ain't no chump-_ sinners bump my tape in they trunk

[Israel the Warrior]
just like a dreadlock, these lyrics be tighter than the tightest knot
uncut Christianity comes harder than a rock
its unbreakable like Master lock (like Master lock)
and my preformance, like a Swiss watch, it don't stop (it don't stop)
so what the dilly, hope you feel me, as you blaze yo philly
dont play no games wit them demons, I'm the demon killa (demon killa)
behind bars to my cellie I told many stories (many stories)
I taught my cellie how to pray and give God the glory (God the glory)
for all things great and small or else you born for (born for) (??)
we gots to stand up for Christ, son and stand tall (stand tall)
so take a look into my eyes and see figments of Jehovah Jah like diamonds
reflections of the Most High, through my eyes be shinin

[Sam Rucker]
hey yo they eyes may shine, they teeth may grit
they fists may ball, but they still can't get
wit this sanctified lyrical flows that I'm possessin
no time for messin, I gots to funnel my impression (??)
for these sucka demons, word is bond, they got me steamin (Sam raw)
tryin to dissipatin my faith, they must be dreamin (uh)
cause they don't know me, I'm on a bonafied mission
to turn a sinner, into a certified Christian
I magnify the Most High, dun, I'm blessed
and still take out any MC that wanna test
immortal combat


[Israel the Warrior]
I gots to give Christ the props, He made me fly like a jet plane
with the Holy Ghost I break you down decent like in a chess game

[Sam Rucker]
throw your priesthood, collect don, we rhyme on the million (??)
try to spread the Word without these heathens cathcin feelins

[Israel the Warrior]
the fallin angels, called demons, known not to tangle
like a pride a loins, my team surround 'em in a ractangle

[Sam Rucker]
you ain't never seen a brotha grip the mic like me
a Saved, sanctified, battle rapper MC

[Israel the Warrior]
yo while them secular rap cats promote burners and gats
we promotin Christianity on your stereo and TV

[Sam Rucker]
never give in to the ways of the world for any reason
put on my full armor like it says in Ephesians
and I'm feenin, for more of the Spirit, and I'm leanin
on the Everlasting Arms, I stand strong
the Powers in His Name, Yahweh (immortal shine baby)
the Omnipotent Jehovah Jirah (Jehovah Jah baby)
on Christ the solid Rock I stand (H.O.I. baby)
Lord let the sinners see the Light, I pray (until we die)

[Israel the Warrior]
way before I got Saved I was ready like Freddy
I used to make the honies shake they rumps like Teddy
but now like Betty Crocker I shakes and bakes
to rock a sanctified crowd like I was TD Jakes
yo its a must, I squeeze lyrical triggers and bust spiritual gats
at all these negative cats wit satanic raps
Second Corinthians chapta ten is what I'm mentionin
verses 4 through 5', hittin like mama's chicken
H.O.I. be makin hits that keep it hot like a sauna
attack demons in a frenzy like a school a paranas (school a paranas)
breakin 'em down wit that Holy Ghost Power within the first round
the bell sound, them cats goin down for the count (down for the count)
mad props to the Saints, Real Christians, we be all that
one luv (one luv) from high above sound, immortal combat


Israel the Warrior
and the Saints, win
hm hm hm hm hm...
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