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Lyrics to Immaterial
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A life still living, it's energy coursin' within
But in a single day destiny turns the page
And I become just a leaf in the wind
That day my cage door closed. I felt so alone

That day when I began to turn within me
Shapes no longer remained inside

Tell me my name so I'm no longer empty
I need someone else's power
Give me a rhythm to melt what I cannot see
What will I become if I don't leave anything behind me?

I have sunk into a no eternal statue
If I've still got a heart, I can't use it
I talk in signs but I don't know I'm doing them

Faced by my tired and weary heart I shed a tear
That doesn't blind me, I don't feel it running down my face
But I know it's there, it's not visible
It's not even real, but it's inside me

All around goes on livin', but I've left my body
And I don't know where I am now.
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