Lyrics to Imma G
Imma G Video:
She say she wanna get away
with ganster ways
the nigga that's gonna keep her clubbing
like everyday
she say she wanna g (haha)
well imma g
g (muhaha)
well imma g

She say she wanna get away
with ganster ways
the nigga that's gonna keep her clubbing
like everyday
she say she wanna g (muhaha)
well imma geeeeee
g (haha)
well imma geeeeeee

the getaway is the gangster the NLY
you wanna thug with gangsta ways
well baby I'm that guy
you say you want no word now
well baby I'm that fly
you want some shit you never seen
well girl don't close your eyes
no ink tagged up with these wow rules
oh mama looking so I ain't telling her fortune
she know I goes hard to the bone
she say she wanna leave
but it's hard to go home
yah, and I'm the horde of her throne
and I break it down like a part in the soong
I'm feeling like a star in the zone
surrounded by the streets I'm not far from alone


I got 24 girls in my fast car
ain't you looking like Nascar
you don't need pennies or no bra
now I got you feeling like uh ahh
you rolling with a g from ADV
got a bank here but it named TIP
put me in the clubs where's its VIP
you never ever gotta show my beef
I never ever gotta wait in line
all on the corner
don't shine
ain't gotta partner
then don't grind
can't you block at prime time
with PIP and Dem Get A Way Boyz
hand and share with dem get away toys
choppers makin' that get away noise
that's your boss talking no it's
none of that will fall back
should not be with big time a stack
sure we not with no Marco
look fly, young, casket and all that
all we see is g shit
bottles models and puss
and after we leave it's sweet we beat it up


(ey watch out)
ey imma g
and I'm hoping u can handle me
Cause imma swagger baby yeah my thought mentality
I has go hard
so I making money every day (some G's)
you say you wanna get away
with gangster ways
well you can stop searching
because I've found you girl
and imma do you right
until I rock your
but go look and shawty
go and check my resume
third line fo prison yall got me busting since the second grade
I got the heat it's in da club and up the tag
shawty love my style and tha tags on my neck
and yeah I'm real baby
this' not imaginary
I'll do right by any means, legendary


main can't you pull up the stacks, my PIP
I'm makin' music baby
come see about me
she say she wanna get her way
with gangster ways
the nigga the packin to pharrell
like everyday
she say she want me
want me?
she want meeeee
want me?
she want meeeeee
no! no gangbang baby
imma let you down
no never mind, cause gutta girls go down (brown)
she say she wanna g
that kick the streets steadying on stacks
I got butts of paper like a library
she say she want a thug (she wanna thug)
that keep her wiggling with em
and make that nigga drop like a bad cedar
and imma keep the hood till I wanna cash it up
shut your mouth before I wrap you up and throw you to your grandma's house
and I bet she wants a nigga that's stackin' this
a g
well that's geeeeeeeee !

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