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Lyrics to imagine your child
imagine your child Video:
close your
eyes, shut your mouth, listen to
me, i´ve something to say

can you imagine, that you have a child,
and she would say, the following words:

?i love a man and his skin
is deep black? - ?i love a girl
and her skin is deep black?

?i love a girl, i am homosexual? -
?i love a man, i am homosexual?

?i don´t believe in god and all that stuff?

pretty, that´s my baby my
own project and it´s..
our fight

steady, i´m just trying to
shape my perfect imaginary child -
our fight never ends

he´s so
perfect that i can´t regognize in
him my fucking nature - our fight

my child will not be like
me and will never negative sides
(- our fight is a dream)

jeder versucht sein glück zu finden,
jede hürde bietet raum um
schuldige zu suchen

idealbilder der köpfe sind individuell, keine massenproduktion

are you really
free of prejudice?
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