Im Wagen Vor Mir (engl. Translation) Lyrics

Henry Valentino

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Lyrics to Im Wagen Vor Mir (engl. Translation)
Im Wagen Vor Mir (engl. Translation) Video:
Ratadadadadadadadam, Ratadadadadadadadam Ratadadadadadadadam, Ratadadadadadadadam Henry: In the car before me drives a young girl She drives alone and looks quite beautiful I don't know her name and I do not know not her target- I only notice she drives with much feeling In the car before me drives a young girl I would like to know, what is she thinking? Does she listen to the same station or is her radio off? Does she drive to a rendezvous or to her house? Ratadadadadadadadam, Ratadadadadadadadam Uschi: What does this jerk behind me want with me? Henry: Isn't she sweet? Uschi: Why don't you get off my tail and pass me? Henry: Her hair is so soft! Uschi: He's been following behind me for the last half hour! Dammit, it's getting very nearly twilight! Henry: She's driving almost ninety! Uschi: He could already be a hundred kilometers away! Henry: Which I am glad Uschi: Other cars are passing me! Henry: I feel so good Uschi: Does he want to check me or does he want to kidnap me Or is he a policeman in civilian clothes? Ratadadadadadadadam, Ratadadadadadadadam Henry: It's lovely to finally have time today I do not have to race like a savage bull- I drive and daydream, completely alone and without borders And wish that beautiful girl was by my side Uschi: Now this situation is slowly making me queasy! Henry: The music is good Uschi: I am going to take the very next exit off- Henry: Today is a beautiful day Uschi: And that is where I will hide myself behind some tall hedges Dammit, that's why I'll be late getting home! Henry: Bye bye, my beautiful girl: Have a nice journey! Her turn signal is on and here she drives off My journey will end in almost another 2 hours But you my Girl, I will never see again... Ratadadadadadadadam, Ratadadadadadadadam

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