Lyrics to I'm The Monster
I'm The Monster Video:
Come on and show yourself
you're a liar and a cheat
this can't go on forever
I see you hiding in the trees
I see you looking back at me
where there were safety in numbers
there's no one left, there's nothing left

What have I done?
something's definitely happening to me
where have all the people gone?
they know what you have done

Just turn and run before they catch me
Because I'm the one they're after all, I'm the monster
as I slowly start to figure out that
I kept this secret, covered and released it to change me
I let it change me

The moon has shown its face as my mask slips away
now there's no looking back, no looking back now
My true colors are bleeding and my mask has no meaning
as I'm trying to hold on to myself

I let it change me!
I let it change me!
Now I am the monster!
I am the monster!
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