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It's me the diabolical, Biz Mark symbolical I shakes from scripts of hits I made a while ago Now I'm on the run again starting other capers And people couldn't catch me even if I was "The Vapors" I leave you in trauma with my funky personna Cause I'm jamming just like Teddy but I'm nasty like Madonna Cause me without big strong thoughts for a Biz song Is like Patty LaBelle not singing with a wig on I don't give a damn if my record gets panned Cause my style stays fresh like I rap in Saran When I'm sure that I'm pure like Snapple Suppose when I write my rhymes like I'm the Big Apple Or New York or whatever you call it, I don't even care Cause if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere So, I walk the walk through the streets of New York More green I can hawk cause I can talk the talk So don't try to stalk cause my style brings more I rock it from the Billy Ocean to the Al B. Shore! People always want to give dap to everyone But I've been around the world so I ahhh ??? "I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" "Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" (Repeat 4x) Take a pause for the cause, cause this is a recording If rap was a prison, then I be the warden I do the Gator in my snakeskin Jordans And when it comes to cash I flash more than Gordon You want me to rock the rhyme cause I got the type you crave And I heat up jams like I was MC Microwave And when I drop a style, call it def, call it cool As long as you don't call me when I'm on a toliet stool I stoke and swin in a room full of women When I drop the gold like Meadowlark Lemon Everywhere I've been I've seen 'em fat and thin Even girls with hair on their chinny chin chin But you can be just a friend if you're sporting your own look Or if you got more chins than a Chinese phonebook Women love my style from ??? Long Isle Even got my mother singing "Thanks for my Child" My temperature rises every time I'm near a stereo Cause I catch dance fever like my name was Danny Terio But I go, on and on and on and on and on and! >From midnight point to the early moring, AHHHH! "I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" "Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" (Repeat 4x) It's my way or the highway, I'm ahead of the slow lane But when I ride to Motown I jump on a Soul Train Rappers like to flow with all energy and action But I'd rather take it nice and slow like Freddy Jackson So don't try to stick to me like somebody's gearshift Cause I'll hit you so far west you'll come back Easter The style I display, but I say it a badder way I got more rhymes than cartoons on a Saturday You're still confused cause you don't know how bad he is Like a pregnant ______ who don't know who the daddy is Just like a snap I can whip any rapper That's why probably my grandparents called me a whipper snapper You're lost in the sofa trying to cross my line Then run to the lost and found cause you lost your mind I'm coming on strong cause I'm dropping nothing soft Still had it going on when "The Biz is Going Off" I'm singing in the rain cause I got the audacity Or some kids want to sundance with Butch Cassidy You couldn't shine on my in the spotlight Cause your ass couldn't shine if you sat on a flashlight "I'm the Biz Markie, the human beatbox and the rap king" "Have the people stomping to my beat you bet" (Repeat 4x)

Songwriters: Toussaint, Allen / Hall, Marcel Theo / Walker, T.
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