Lyrics to I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry Video:
I can see through your passenger window
several things that make my heart beat again.
As you unlock the door,
you know you've locked me in.

I was perfect
when I didn't see you there.
Why can't you just leave me alone?
And I will go home.

You're too far,
you're not here and that's too far.
How can I compete with the sun
that dominates the place where you come from?


Take, take, take me away
because I won't find love today.
You're gone, you're gone
and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Things were constant
until I saw you there.
With one "hello," you made it seem
like you were custom-made for me.

But you're too far,
you're not here and that's too far.
You would just leave because the sun
just disappoints the place where I come from.
I swear it's a different one.

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