Lyrics to I'm So Happy
I'm So Happy Video:
I'm so happy
Coated in 18 karat gold
Ya, it makes me feel so good
Oh to be so cold

So come on and join me
Come help me steal away your lifetime
Such a greedy, shameless girl
Gonna take away your world

And I know that I live a
I know that I live a lie
Live a lie
But that's alright, it's alright
Got nothing beside me
Got nothing but my smile
But it's alright, ya,
Cuz I'm so happy

I wanna taste your world
I want to swallow it inside me
Feast on your sunshine
Only want what I need

Gonna leave you behind me
I'm feeling so good and smiling so wide
Why do you cry?
Did someone hurt your pride?

[Repeat chorus]

I'm so happy
Viewing the wreckage of my past
So many friends,
So many fools,
Who'll be the last?

[Chorus x2]
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