Lyrics to I'm Shooting Cupid
I'm Shooting Cupid Video:
Cupid you promised that you would give me a break.
You said I could make my own choice. Stupid of
me to think I could avoid you again, escape all of you're
little voices. You've gone and made me want
someone I can never have and don't think I don't
hear you laughing. Cupid you got yourself a brand
new enemy. It's time to get cruel, I'm calling a duel.
This can be a lovely world but you've made me a
loveless girl.
Cupid I spy you in backs of cars and neon bars. I see
you at firey sunsets. Aiming your arrow so pointlessly
at destiny. Escape from your poison is narrow. It's
for the strong of heart you should be aiming for for
just leave me out of your range of fire. Innocent
victims see heaven in each others eyes. They're only
looking at their own demise,
Romeo & Juliet, Antony & Cleopatra, Adam & Eve. Would've
been much better off if you'd left them well alone.
Cupid you make us dishonest friends with sorted ends.
Make lovers turn blind til their bleeding. I don't think
you're lucky. I don't see you as heaven sent. Won't put
you on a card of greeting. To keep humans kinds I'm
getting you from behind. You made me a loveless girl
Cupid you promised.
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