I'm Ready For Love Lyrics

Chris Murray

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Lyrics to I'm Ready For Love
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"This song is about recovery and healing wounds.
It's called: I'm Ready For Love."

Beat, broken and tired, unhooked and unhired,
And ready to take my share of the blame.
This brave little coward who split when things soured
Is hoping your heart is his to reclaim.

Slipped on the peels and tripped on the wires,
The fabric of trust so tragically stained.
But now it's the higher to which I aspire,
But you won't believe I'm ready for love.

Drawn in by the choirs of faraway pyres
Beckoning me and calling my name.
Seduced by desire, burned by the fire,
Tortured by heat, but cleansed by the flame.

Take it from me, a thief and a liar,
What started so sweetly ended in shame.
Restrung and rewired, this soul is inspired,
I'm ready for love, I'm ready for love.

Back to the scene, the remorseful buyer,
To scatter the ashes, to search the remains.
To see if the fire is fully expired,
I'm ready for love, I'm ready for love.

I'm ready for, ready for love. I'm ready for love.
I'm ready for, I'm ready for love.
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