Lyrics to I'm Over It Now
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The end of the road is never fully told
But it ends
Fulfillment of a dream is more than it seems
Will the stars last, will the pain pass
People only see the smiles
They're unaware of all the trials one must endure
Just because he's sure he is right
So he fights
Through the night it goes on
Don't know when the day will break
When his heart won't ache
Or this song will end

Lofty goals can consume one's soul
And often will, it often will
Yet there is no pause until he accomplishes the cause
Want to know or go deep
Driven to succeed
What's the real price of success
And this feeling of emptiness
Left in...
It's great discerning the truth from the fake
It's the test
And though it hurts
Yet nevertheless
At this pain I must wink
From this bitter cup I will drink
Until this song, 'til it ends

And every night I'd pray Lord let this cup pass
'Cause I really didn't know how long it would last
And every week I'd feel the same pain
Residue of hurt would come again and again
Then all of a sudden Your life came and

Now I'm over it now
Over it now
I can't say how
It's over now

One morning I broke free and
All of the chains just broke off of me
People can talk about me as much as they please
But I'm all grown up now, I've got the victory

(Chorus 2x)
But I'm over it now
Over it now
I can't say how
It's over now

Don't know what I will do
But I know I'll get through
This song it will... it will end.

(Thanks to Donerica for these lyrics)
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