Lyrics to I'm Out
I'm Out Video:
Now I'm out and I'm wishing I was back home, but I show no tear of regret even if I'm wrong, So what's your cause because it don't seem visible to me or reasonable to be in this home that's not my own, can I use the phone, well I gotta go so please, leave me the hell alone

My friends, say that it must be so much fun, but it's not like that at all
Because I'm sick of feeling down, the big let down
Sick of, wondering when it's all gonna turn around

Now that the worst is behind me, I hate it, I don't want to go back, sometimes gone by and now I'm back where I started before, I can't believe that I'm back out the door, with a new adventure in store, looking for something that I never had before, driving around the town showing all of you, all this new insight that I found, driving around, driving around town
Just when you think that your life can't get worst, it will. Worse it probably, will
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