Lyrics to I'm Okay
I'm Okay Video:
I remember the day i came home from school, got the news you were gone, gone for good
too young to realize and too confused to cry
i remember the first time i lost control, got so damned drunk i fell down in the snow
too dumb to realize, too numb to know that i was freezing cold
still wonder if i'm okay or is this one of my bad days?
everythings gonna be okay, my mother said so
still wonder if i'm insane, is something wrong inside my brain?
everything's gonna be okay, my mother said so, and so did you
and you should know, they all say you're crazy too
i remember the first time, all lost in you, the world seemed so different and so new
you made me realize life ain't so bad, yes i've had some good days too.......with you
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