Lyrics to I'm Leaving You
I'm Leaving You Video:
Im leaving you, honey though it's long overdue
I don't think it's funny- well neither do you
I'll go like a thief in the nite
?man on the run?- i'll be alright
so go make your blood money

Cause im leaving you by the light of the moon
I'm leaving you- i'm a runaway bride, you're the groom
Better run fast even if it's the last thing you do
I'm leaving you

I'm leaving you, honey- yeah, i'm robbing you blind
Don't you dare try to find me cause i've made up my criminal mind
I'll dress like a devil in white
Apple in hand- i offer a bite
I'm warning you, honey


Dressed like a devil in white
Apple in hand- go on, take a bite
I'm no sweet taste of honey

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