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Lyrics to I'm Having A Relapse
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Damn it feels good to be back. I'm having a relapse
How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges
He's already got life in jail man what the hell is his problem
Well to be honest, the smell of these chronic leafs make me hella demonic
They compelled me to kill this elderly man
And I get these panic attacks,
Pop a xanax relapse
Tryin to stick my fuckin dick inside a mannequins ass
Then I get manic depressed
See the orthodontist get gas masked
Man it's kick ass
The first thing I put on is the mask
Speakin of masks
Man it ain't to late to have a change of pace
And take it off and show my face
So you can see the things you facin
Slice you up and cook you after you murder my strangulation
That's bacon souffle you makin ain't you but thank you jason
There goes one more coma
Through the blood force trauma
Just give me one more soma
And I'll be done for Omama
Go in the damn broom closet
Another valium lost it
Shovin the vacuum nozzle
Down the bathroom faucet
It seems like everyday I get a little flakier
The medication is making my hands a little shakier
Hand me that 18 month old baby to shake him up
It'll only take me a
Second to choke his trachea
Breakin his neck in 80 some places
Baby here shady comes lady
He's got the razor for blazin the chchchchay ainsaw baby
You bubublunderin bumblin mumumumublin dum dums yea
Here I come come you hear the rumblin rum rum
There something inside the blue talkin that drum drum
My head and torso someone whered it come from
Whose it belong to maybe the girl with the long blonde hair
Who disappeared and left the cheer leader pom poms
Clearly there something wrong cause she didn't come home
She's missing where is she something is going on
I guess he stuck the bitch with the pitch fork with the long prongs
Now everybody get your dance on to my dance song
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