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Lyrics to I'm Going Home Tonight
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please keep my head below the clouds this time
or tear it from my spine
it's been a dirty month and a couple of days
since i began my slow and slippery phase
of listening without learning
and crashing without burning

she won't let me forget the things i've done
that unrelenting california sun
so in a few more days, i'll leave her rays
to make my home in a far away cave
coughing and dripping
and pouring and sipping

there will always be a light worth moving toward
a strip between two loose wooden boards
and to reach it would be to freeze the sea
before its waves consume this treacherous city
but we're just too god damn lazy

wait for the senselessly muttering crowd
to hose you down before you speak to me
hopeless mouth choking on honey
"everyone deserves to breath"
"this isn't fucking funny"
welcome in the morning
piss away the night
you've got roughly twelve hours to do something right
or just revel in the mothermothermotherfucking daylight

it's every boy for himself down here on the hot asphalt
within these metal walls
for you to rise, someone's got to fall

my fist was a dog on a leash
with an anger pure and complete, and i'm sorry
i have never truly deserved this life
i'm going home tonight to sleep with my wife
there'll be no art to this death
so save your breath
when you're going in, you've been dead once and you will die again

you're missing a few teeth and you're taller than I
and you know it's easy to make me cry
and i'm breathing in violently
and you're kicking leaves in my direction
you've got a valid reason for every vain that you break
for every shot that you take
for every smile you fake
and there's a pistol in the dumpster, just lying around
just waiting to be found
to make its loud, beautiful sound
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