I'm Glad I'm Not A Girl Lyrics

The Meatmen

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Lyrics to I'm Glad I'm Not A Girl
I'm Glad I'm Not A Girl Video:
they look for love
we look for meat
they think that's bad
we think that's neat

girls have problems yes indeed
like that monthly rot they all must bleed
thaought about that? well think about this
don't wanna sit when i take a piss

i'm glad i'm not a girl (x4)

not being able to choose your fuck
cuz some schmuck might beat you up
no fun like that in the world
just because you're a girl

(chorus x4)

bloddy mess from a monthly discharge
livin' like that must sure be hard
glad it happens to them not me
like having babies 1 2 3
there are many reasons can't you see?
(chorus x4)
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