Lyrics to I'm Fine
I'm Fine Video:
It was a feeling that just kicked in
A quiet moment in a pulsating din
It doesn't matter, the truths the same
Playing the game, wondering how you win

The lockers empty, his eyes are dry
She's looking awful but she can't stop asking why
Another second It all will fall
Losing it all, It's all in the waste of time

And as I run and as I crawl
I should be climbing up the walls
But I'm here looking back at it all
Another smile, another blink
And now I'm standing at the sink
In a daze, ‘cause I'm not really here
Is anybody getting this part?
I'm fine…So fine

Stop your worrying and get some sleep
Writing pages, and thinking way too deep
Words are never gonna change this scene
Get out of the dream
You're sliding on frozen ice
Down, off of the edge
Well you could fly or find a different ledge
So take a deep breath, and let it flow
God knows where I'm going
But baby I'm here for the show
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