Lyrics to I'm Doing Fine
I'm Doing Fine Video:
Well hello,
You'll have to excuse me.
I just turned out the light,
I was dreaming.
You're the last person i expected to hear.
When I came home,
There was a message on the phone.
It said to come over.
But it was too late,
So I left you alone.
And yes,
I'm doing fine,
And thanks for asking.
It's been a long time,
You know time keeps
You said that you called me to hear
The sound of my voice.
At least I still got something
That works on you.
You know you make me crazy,
When you speak so lazy.
So what is it that you want?
You have my ear.
You, you can be cruel,
Why did you call me now?
I am no fool,
You sound so dumb.
How's your new boy?
Does he take you dancing?
I cant believe his name is Roy.
Can this be love you found?
Don't ask me what happened,
Cause i still don't know.
One minute we were laughing,
Then you walked out the door.
Well, sometimes I'm up,
And sometimes I'm falling down.
Lately my luck has been dragging
On the ground.
Oh but I'm doing fine,
And thanks for
Its been a long time.
You know time keeps passing.
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