Lyrics to I'm Checkin' Out
I'm Checkin' Out Video:
Pull back them dark and dusty drapes,
And let in some light.
Tell the bell-boy come and get my trunk
'Cause I'm leavin' here tonight.
I packed my bags and paid my bill,
And I'm turnin' in my key.
And if those sad souls down in the lobby ask for me,
Just tell'em
I'm checkin' out of the heartbreak hotel.
I ain't gonna live on lonely street no more (no more).
I've found a new love and a new place to dwell
Where teardrops ain't soakin' the floor.
So, take down my suitcase and hand me my hat.
I'm goin' from sleazy to swell.
Give that desk-clerk a dime.
And you can just tell him that I'm
Checkin' out of the heartbreak hotel.

Well, you can give that sad bellboy
My old blues guitar,
'Cause I'm only gonna sing them sweet songs
From now on, yeah.
And you can tell that old bartender
He might as well close down the bar,
Cause "Chug-a-Luggin' Sally's" (Charley's) packed an' gone.
Through that gray windowpane,
It always looked like rain,
But there's sunshine outside I can tell.
So open up that door, I've leavin'
An' I won't be back no more.
I'm checkin' out of the heartbreak hotel.
Checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel.
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