I'm Canadian Lyrics

George Fox


Lyrics to I'm Canadian
I'm Canadian Video:
I traveled 'round the world some
But I always do come back
I sing my songs for the people
And I'm proud to say when they ask
?Yeah, Canada' that's my country
It's clean, it's wide, it's fair
Let me tell ya, just a little bit
What it's like to be livin' there ....

We got a beaver on the nickel and a Bluenose on the dime
Newfoundland's always half an hour ahead of time
A big red maple leaf on the flag
But we don't like to fuss, we don't like to brag

Got the mounties - Canadian Justice
The Great One - Canadian Wayne
Terry Fox - Canadian hero ...
We'll never forget all that he gave
Up north - Canadian Cold Front
Downtown - Canadian Tire
Alberta beef - Okanogan wine

Oh, I'm Canadian, eh
I am, on guard
I stand - I feel like a winner
Whenever I say ....
I'm Canadian
I'm Canadian, eh

Gotta pull the goalie, try and tie it up in the third
Don Cherry's always got the final word
The Vanier Cup , Spruce Meadows and The Briar
If that ain't Canadian, you can call me a liar.
Just like .. Stampede - Canadian cowboys
Timbits - Canadian snack
?Go Hard!' - Canadian curler
Sweep it for the skip, who's screamin' from the hack?
Bay Street - Canadian big shot
Poutine - Canadian fries
The GST, and the 649

Oh, I am Canadian, eh
I am, on guard
I stand more than a little bit proud to say
?I'm Canadian -- I'm Canadian, eh'

First white men were the Quebecois
Runnin' loose through the spruce
Huntin' moose in their mackinaws
Paddlin' the Great Lakes, thought they had it made
Nobody ever left -- everybody stayed

'Cause they loved the Grand Banks - Canadian codfish
Timber - Canadian pine
Birch bark - Canadian love-letter
Said 'I wanna love you on a buffalo hide'
The Mickmaw - Canadian legend
Iriquois - Canadian tribe

Jacques Cartier - was the first to say:
?Oh, I'm Canadian, eh'
I am, on guard - I stand
You can hear him from the banks of the old Gaspe saying:
?I'm Canadian, I'm Canadian , eh' (instrumental)
Oh, I'm Canadian, eh
I am on guard , I stand -
I feel like a winner when I say
I'm Canadian, I'm Canadian , I'm Canadian , eh, eh, yeah!
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