I'm Afraid I'll Never Fly Lyrics

Mindy White

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Lyrics to I'm Afraid I'll Never Fly
I'm Afraid I'll Never Fly Video:
How does anyone get used to this?
Letters written to me ask "What do you miss?"
I'm seeing states my mother's only read in books
I hope to represent her heart and pretty looks
At least I wish I could

"Never settle for alright" she taught in show
How she got stuck with one so proud, I think I'll never know
And if he's trying now, I'll pray they let him in
The last I swam, I caught him sinking in his sins
Never letting go

I'm afraid I'll never fly
The home's a sinking stone
If there's nothing to rely on
So help me understand
For my eyes are growing bored

I'm stubborn now and I truly wish that I would change
I made a list of flaws and now I think I'll throw away
I shouldn't worry when I'm still learning to live
I hope the one I fall for knows how to forgive such a rigid heart

I'm afraid I'll never fly
The hurt's a stepping stone
And I'm not sure why yet(?)
But now I'm safer all alone
And the hardest part about hurt is getting over
Let everyone know that there's trouble
So everyone knows of the trouble ahead
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