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Lyrics to I'm A Rolla
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[Hook: Gee Pierce]

[Verse 1:]
I know you feel me bout them long nights ridin down the interstate
Music on blast you can feel the bass
Tryin to get back fast switch lanes, and the back sittin low cause it's
Filled with weight
Get back to town first chill and blaze then I hit block, got skrill to make
Like they say it costs to be the boss, therefore I can't sit still and wait
Six in the mornin I'm still awake, gotta make these stops and get deposits
And every time that I make a stop the back of the whip rises
Every time that I see another stack it's almost like the money hypnotizes
Got me one track minded, blinded by the feelin I get from dollas
Pops gave me the gift of knowledge, taught me how to stack my grip
And good thing that I learned quick cause right after all that he packed his shit
Ten years later I mastered this cause everyday I've practiced it
And now all we do is get money or hit the stoody to drop this classic shit

[Hook: Gee Pierce]

[Verse 2: Bootleg]
Fuck what you heard man, Leg been a erb man
Bird man, the way I move packages it's supurb man
And bitch I've been a rolla since my days in my baby strolla
Back when my motha hid all her yola in my diaper holdas
Nobody there to support us, momma she couldn't afford us
Daddy he used to ignore us, each month we facin eviction orders
So please, understand this is what makes me the man
That earns at least one hundred grand, when my flight land
I know ya'll me shinin, flow wetter than fresh paint
Doin the shit you haters wanna do but just just can't
Fuckin erotic women, I'm lovin this life I'm livin
Indoor pools to fool in, butt naked bitches swimmin
And bitch I've been a rolla, fuck you rats I'm stackin cheese
A bake up boy just tryin to get some bread with K-Squeez
Imagine me goin broke, picture me fallin off
Bitch I'm a hustla, can't go a day without sellin soft

[Hook: Gee Pierce]

[Verse 3:]
[K-Squeez:] Fuck what they told ya dawg I'm gettin doe, even up in my interviews
They be askin me what they hittin for, I just hit the spliff and choke
[Bootleg:] And tell em that the CD droppin soon, this just what I've been livin fo'
Tryin to feed the fam with what I know, makin moves and spittin flows
[K-Squeez:] Not only that but tryin to pick this label up and build it mo'
[Bootleg:] that's why you can find me meetin with record execs, spare tires
Filled with yo'
[K-Squeez:] They would never expect it cause my tracks make bootys hit the flo'
[Bootleg:] Just like Florida
[K-Squeez:] get up inside her
[Bootleg:] but keep this on the low, low
[Bootleg:] Just like expected
[K-Squeez:] yes we wrecked it
[Bootleg:] well connected
[K-Squeez:] better respect it
[Bootleg:] cash invested
[K-Squeez:] well protected
[Bootleg:] fuck the DEA detectives
[K-Squeez:] We to smooth to get arrested, we don't snitch, all ya'll confessin
[Bootleg:] so I address em
[K-Squeez:] with the Wesson
[Both:] Keep that bitch in my possession

[Hook: Gee Pierce]

[Bridge: Bootleg]
If you really gettin money, let me hear ya say it
If you really stackin dollas, let me hear ya say it
K-Squeez - Bootleg gettin money playas
Fuck you fellas if you hatin, gettin money playas

[Hook: Gee Pierce]
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