Lyrics to I'm A Problem
Tell 'em again Caity, what?

I've got big dick energy, bigger than half the guys that I know
Out here making enemies, when you get good that's how it goes, huh
Shit you're so silent, (Shh), think I'm gonna make a little noise, start a riot
Wanna stop me, get my face and try it
Bullshit, bullshit, I don't buy it

You say I'm trouble, well I say that I'm fun
You're all stuck up and clever and I'd rather be dumb
Oh, God-forbidden woman knows how to get it done
Done, done, done

I'm a problem
They tryna walk like me, talk shit like me and get in my jeans
I'm a problem
Call me the big daddy, 'cause I'm so sexy, they wanna be like me
I'm a problem