Lyrics to I'm A Make It
I'm A Make It Video:
(feat. Poppy, Trae, Scooby)

Yeah mayn (what's up fool), same shit a different day
(I know man), surrounded by these bullshit niggaz and bitches man
Always trying to sell a nigga soul man, sell a nigga dream
Or wolf tickets, I ain't buying this shit no mo'
Guess I gotta do this shit by myself

I'm headed nowhere fast, running this race and I'm finishing dead last
And the cats that I thought that was down, just stare and laugh
At the paths that I've taken, they say I'm out of my league
I never reach the goals, that I set out my to achieve please
I've always believed, in destiny and fate
But current circumstances, now have me questioning my faith
Niggaz hating, trying to tell me which direction to take
Nobody's in our corner fuck it, what difference does it make right
It ain't right, and it's a burden to discuss
The way that I feel inside, it burns a nigga up
Friend or foe, it's hard to determine what is it
But where I'm from, you learn to be a man and suck it up
Regardless, of the situation
We gon make it, we don't need your participation
And our careers, I shall fear no man but God
And for that reason, my hand's in the hands of God he walks with me

I feel you Poppy (straight up)
You about the only one, a nigga could trust
Now-a-days mayn (for real)
Everybody in this motherfucker, done let you down
I ain't tripping though, you feel me
I'ma get it grind and mash for it (straight up)
God just leads us on our own
Or whoever ride with us, it still go down

Look at me now, the same nigga that they played for a fool
I try to focus everyday, but still I'm losing my cool
What the fuck it's gon take for them, to see I'm one of the best
They'd probably never pay attention, till they put me to rest
And I ain't tripping cause I take it like a man
That shit fraud, and I don't think they really understand
This rap shit be cool, but the game fucked up
I'm constantly paying dues, while these niggaz lucked up
It's all gravy baby, love it or not we gon be next for the crown
If you ain't been through what I've been through, nigga sit the fuck down
I've been through wars with the scars, to prove I'm a guerilla
With the heart and the hustle, to prove I'm one of the realer
Motivated by myself, and only God knows
Everybody downing my dreams, so all the do's closed
Get in my face, but now I know they ass sick
Cause I'm still on the grind, and number one on they list

Trae mayn (I know you gon)
Try and get these niggaz to understand mayn
I ain't just out here, rapping for these hoes
I'm trying to get it, for real mayn
I gotta feed my family dog, niggaz ain't got nothing
On the bills, they can't eat dog that's how it's going down

Nigga what's the problem, it really ain't hard to find em
They on they way up, they just came from the bottom
These boys gon do some'ing, y'all better watch em
But they don't wanna get cash, so we ain't vibing
And I don't fuck, with niggaz that be lying
You stay on your side, bitch I'm on my end
And I ain't got no business, for y'all to pry in
Cause I tell it all to ya, in my rhymes man
And you don't mean shit, just cause you signed man
That ain't gonna pay the bills, when your ass down man
Then what, fuck get your ends up
And this ain't happened over night, man I've been tough
Real fuck with real, and y'all ain't kin to us
And how y'all gonna take us off the road, we in a bigger truck
Nigga what
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