Lyrics to I'm A Hustler
I'm A Hustler Video:
[Chorus In Background: Cassidy - "I'm A Hustler"]

[Tony Yayo:]
Yeah Nigga Its The Talk Of New York
Ya'll Niggas Stop Stuntin'
Ya'll Niggas Know What Time It Is
I'm The Hottest Nigga On The Streets Right Now Man
The Streets Is Waitin' Man
I Done Hustled In Pa, Ba, Queens, Brooklyn Nigga Ask About Me
Look At My Rap Sheet
Yo 50 What Uup?
Banks What Up?

[Verse 1: Tony Yayo]
Gangsta Crack Up
And Crack Stuck Coke
Now These E-Ville Niggas On The Strip Frontin' Broke
Dro Stuck Green And He's Broke For Days
True, Dro Got Robbed By Purple Haze
Haze Got Jooked By That Cali Kush
That Nigga Straight Rolled Up And Leave His Brain Cells Cooked
He And Cali Got Robbed For All His Cash
By This Big Time Nigga By The Name Of Hash
See Hash Got Stuck By This Nigga Named Dush
He Was More Powerful He Straight Fucked You Up
They Got Robbed By Design & Terrance
They Was Two Brothers Call 'em
He Got Set Up By This Kid That Was Sneaky
A Real Bad Nigga Lsd
And He Got Hit Up Man As He Was Trippin'
Man This Drug Game Got The Whole Strip Flippin'
I'm A Hustler

[Chorus In Background: Cassidy - "I'm A Hustler"]

[Tony Yayo:]
Yeah, Yeah
Ask About Me
Ask Us Raw Nigga
Ask Us Nigga
A Couple Of Times Ha Ha Ha
I'm Good Now
Its Hot Cause They Indicted Niggas Man
What?, I'm Still Gettin' That Money Nigga Ha Ha Ha
Ask 'em About Yayo Nigga
I Stay In That Shit
12 12s 58 58s Nigga Ha Ha Ha
I'm Like That Electronic Scale Motherfucker
Fuck It I Get That Money
G Unit Nigga
My Raps Is Reality
Read My Rap Sheet Nigga
Pa, Ba, Qu,
I've Gotten Money Everywhere Nigga
Ask About Me Man
I'm A Fuckin' Hustler
I'm A H-U-S-T-L-E-R
G Unit!
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