Lyrics to Illusion
Illusion Video:
If you can't read in my mind I'll let you in your mistakes
If the blue sky slowly turns to red I'll let you burn
If the knights of death come I'll let you turn to dust
If my life is waisted, I'll find another reason to live!
Here in my head you have crossed the line

Now I'll never forget
I'm falling into pieces
Now I'll never forget
What you have done of my life I will never forget

You've turned the truth into a lie
Illusion's coming cling to a dream.

I see in your eyes, in your feelings!

In your state of mind you don't care but your little life
I just think about the time I've become one day your enemy
If your heart is broken, I'll burn it by myself
If you stay forsaken , I'll take my own way cause

I see in your eyes, in your feelings!
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