Lyrics to Illuminated Red
Illuminated Red Video:
If I leave before the Raven
Just before the empire falls
We might find the occasion
To dance upon those city walls

Just imagine if each line you drew
Was directed by you
And imagine that each cup you filled
Was a moment meant for you

And illuminated red
And illuminated white instead
Like a red sock burning through my table
Lying in my bed

If I wake before they close up
Just before the washing's done
I can watch my warm socks spinning
And write a song to strike you dumb

Just imagine if each word
We said was collected in a bag
And imagine if your mouth on mine
Could bring all those atoms back
And imagine lions and geese in here
And imagine cars and trains
And imagine perfect sleep in here
From the tyre tracks in your brain

And illuminated red
And illuminated red instead
Like a white sun burning through my TV
Lying in my bed
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